Repatriation Art Collection
November 2017

The Repatriation Collection was started in 1992 in the wake of our international blockbuster Wisdom and Compassion Exhibition as part of our mandate to present, preserve, and promote the endangered cultural heritage of Tibet. This growing collection has been created by generous collectors who are deeply concerned about the future of Tibetan culture, and continue thoughtfully to donate representative examples of the vast and sophisticated repertoire that they appreciate and love. Surviving art objects from the mass destruction before and during the Cultural Revolution have appeared in museums and in the international art market, and an emerging understanding of their aesthetic beauty and symbolic meaning has firmly established the distinctive excellence of the Tibetan artistic tradition. We gratefully acknowledge the wisdom and generosity of all the contributors to the Tibet House Repatriation Collection.

Tibet House US will be closed from November 22-26 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Gallery will also be closed to public on Monday, December 4.