Form is Emptiness
March 2013

Abstract Paintings by Michael Katz

March 14 – May 14, 2013

with electro-flute performance by Yael Acher “Kat” Modiano

Michael Katz crafts abstract expressionist images vibrant in color and transcendent in depth, suggesting the dynamism and layers of the Buddhist journey. A writer, doctor and visual artist, Katz orchestrates fragments toward unity in ways playful and animated. Katz says, “The artist is akin to the alchemist transforming the mundane into the transcendent as an alternative to the gross materialism and deadening conformity too present in our daily life. In my art I seek to communicate a sense of possibility, freedom, energy, and spontaneity as I weave symbols and a personal vocabulary…My work is frequently suggestive of inner dynamism, mystical forms and elusive meanings that excite and linger just beyond the tip of the tongue.”

Katz has authored two books on dreams, Dream Yoga and the Practice of Natural Light and Tibetan Dream Yoga: The Royal Road to  Enlightenment and teaches others to achieve lucidity and awareness in dreaming. As a psychologist, he strives to translate the mystic into a western context. He also authored The White Dolphin, which seeks to raise awareness of environmental issues, and a book of poetry, The Crossing.

Gallery Affiliation
Ursa Major Gallery – Shelburne Falls  Ma.

Recent Exhibitions
Affordable Art Fair- New York City
April- 2012

Ursa Major Gallery – Shelburne Falls  Ma.
December-2011- current
Solo Exhibition

Axelrod Performing Art Center – Deal, NJ
November 2010
Solo Exhibition

Art Students league – February 2010
Geoup Exhibition-

Rogue Gallery — September 2009
Group Exhibition

Kundroling Gallery— January 2009
Group Exhibition

McKusker Gallery— October 2007
Solo Exhibition
Shelburne, Ma.

Art Slant    August 2011  Showcase Winner “When We Were Good”
Art Slant   July 2011    Showcase Winner “Clouds Before the Storm”
Art Slant- March 2011 Showcase winner “Beginner’s Mind; Koan”
Art Students League March 2011 – Merit Award “Medicine Buddha”
Art Students League March 201o – Merit Award “Abstract- Multi /media”
Art Slant – January/February 2011 Showcase winner “Haiku”