A Brush with Reality
March 2014

A Brush with Reality: Calligraphic Paintings by Lobsang Choephel

Opening Reception: Friday, March 13, 6-8 pm

A Brush with Reality

On View: March 13-May 12

I have roamed this earth from East to West, as a pilgrim, as a vagabond, as a dreamer, and as a seeker…along the way, I came to realize that each of our sufferings can open a window into the deeper nature of reality, through which we can achieve a glimpse of enlightenment.

My brush helped me transform the causes of my suffering into material for contemplation, meditation and imagination, allowing me to transcend the memories that haunt my present and to understand the struggles that define my existence.” – Lobsang Choephel

Lobsang Choephel is a Tibetan artist and master calligrapher born and raised in Tibet, educated in India, and currently living in New York. In A Brush With Reality, Lobsang wields his sweeping brushstrokes and spiritual faith to delve into a range of human emotions, cosmological landscapes and metaphysical truths. As an exile who has spent most of his life separated from his family in Tibet, he taps into the experience and struggles of his own life to explore brief yet penetrating insights into themes ranging from loneliness to friendship, from anger to compassion, and from attachment to liberation.