From Earth to the Divine: Contemporary Mongolian Expressionism

(On view:  Sep. 9 – Nov.17, 2016)

This exhibition brings together for the first time in New York renowned artists from Mongolia who bring their artistic creations through paintings, engravings, sculptures, Tsam masks, and puppetry. The Mongolian artists represented here depict a distinctive nomadic and animalistic culture. They present imagery from the vast steppe, with spiritual ties and shamanistic traditions and referencing Mongolia’s flora and fauna, as well as Buddhist ritual objects and masks.

Participating artists: 

Gankhuyag Natsag
Choimbol Ganbaatar
Batmunkh Tserendash
Altanbayar Odgerel
Boldsuren Adilbish
Zorigt Uyanga
Enkhtuvshin  Chinbat
Byambatseren Ganbaatar
Tamir Sambuu



screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-11-25-amReview: “From Earth to the Divine” at the Tibet House Sept. 9, 2016

Photographs from the opening night

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GANHUYAG NATSAG is an internationally recognized, award winning master painter and mask/fine artist and founder of the Mongol House Network. He has organized many exhibitions and events worldwide in 30 countries to promote Mongolian culture, including exhibitions at the Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic Institute and others. Mr. Natsag has collaborated with Tibet House US since 2005 on numerous projects and exhibitions.
GANBAATAR CHOIMBOL is an immensely gifted artist and recognized as the most talented artist by his peers. With his former training in the traditional Mongolian style of painting, and with BA and MA degrees, he creates contemporary works with inspiration drawn from his homeland, nature, animals, ancestors, Chinggis Khan, horses, and the nomadic lifestyle.
BATMUNKH TSERENDASH is a master sculptor specialized in carving.  In his art, he utilizes wood, bronze, stone, snow, ice and other materials.  He earned a world championship gold medal with his production made of ice sculpting in the USA, Finland and Russia.
ALTANBAYAR ODGEREL is a gifted sculptor and carving artist who utilizes wood, bones, ice, snow and various other materials in his art.  He also has participated in art contests in the USA, Russia and Finland, and won first, second and third places.   He is one of the most celebrated artists in Mongolia in this area.
BOLDSUREN ADILBISH is an experienced sculptor and Tsam mask artist.  From a young age, he started crafting art pieces, most notably Buddhist art sculptures. He specializes in Tsam mask art. He is an award winning artist in Mongolia and has exhibited in Europe extensively.  Through this exhibition, his art appears for the first time in the United States.
UYANGA ZORIGT is a gifted graphic artist and one of the most celebrated artists in Mongolia. She has exhibited her solo and group shows worldwide.  She has produced her work with high tech-graphics, using new technology in Germany.  With her uniquely stylized works, she has exhibited extensively and earned the title Queen of the Mongolian Graphic Arts.
enktuvshinENKHTUVSHIN CHINBAT is a master craftsman who specializes in making unique and ethnic dolls. His dolls depict the nomads, and the grit and brute strength of warriors of Mongolia. He constructs the dolls using only traditional and raw/natural materials such as wood, leather, fur, and a variety of metals. As an established artist who showed his work internationally, he continues to manage his own brand titled “N’COOSH”.
TAMIR SAMBUU is a truly gifted artist with his immense details and unique style of works created with pencil, charcoal and various tools on paper. He graduated from the Art University of Mongolia in 1982, and had worked in Theatre Opera House as a costume & scene designer from 1982 – 2002.
BYAMBATSEREN GANBAATAR is a young artist and graduate of Mongolia’s College of Art, with a degree in crafts and gifts manufacturing.  She worked as a designer and decorator at the Fine Art Design School in Mongolia.  Her works were included in various shows in Mongolia, as well as abroad in France and Germany.