Pilgrimage to Bhutan with Dr. Robert Thurman – October 14 – 27, 2019
It had been too long since I had renewed my life-force in Bhutan when, last fall, Brent and I led a group of cheerful travelers back to that unique Land of Supreme and Subtle Happiness! Outer land of amazing landscape, extraordinary people and animals, and inner land of amazing mindscape, extraordinary insights and new potentials of being! What a great time we all had! Pilgrims to the Land of the Thunder Dragon! Each a pilgrim to their own “Inner Bhutan!”
As I always remind our lovely Bhutanese friends, they bear the responsibility of living an ancient culture grounded in the Buddha’s vision that human beings and eventually all sensitive souls have the right to actual happiness, not merely its pursuit, which they would naturally enjoy to the fullest if they would awaken to the realities of life. For them, it is a responsibility because our industrialized world has too much forgotten that fact in our frenzy of producing and consuming, conquering and defending, and it is essential that the endangered Bhutanese culture of national happiness keep alive another vision of our potential.

The cultures of India, Tibet, and Mongolia once lived a similar culture, as did certain subcultures throughout Asia in certain eras, but Bhutan is among the last hidden bubbles of its full dimension—and even there it is subject to erosion. Why does everyone love to go there? Is it just its magnificent mountain scenery, its mysterious temples, its mostly cheerful people, its delicious food, and its enchanting textiles? All these contribute, but the real reason is its inner quality of mind, heart and soul. So many people have felt their time in Bhutan was “life-changing!” Luckily in a good way! Together we will find out why for ourselves.
This is a great year to visit, the Lunar Year of the Earth Sow! I look forward to being with you as we explore and discover and enjoy. Soon after you sign on to join the expedition, I will send you some things to study at the outset, and we will all land in Paro well prepared!
With all best wishes,

Pilgrimage to Bhutan with Dr. Robert Thurman 
October 14–27, 2019
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