To her work as an artist, sculptor, writer and lecturer on the Great Goddess, Dr. Cristina Biaggi brings a strong background in the classics, art and art history, archaeology, literature, and languages acquired at Vassar College, Harvard University, the University of Mexico City, the University of Utah, and New York University. She has taught Art History, Sculpture, Mythology and Drawing and is world-renowned for her contribution to the field of Goddess-centered art and scholarly studies.

Dr. Biaggi’s work reflects her strong desire to provide women today with an opportunity to experience a connection with the Goddess within themselves. It is her hope that she will motivate women to seek to build a more peaceful and caring society.

Dr. Biaggi’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. Her one-woman exhibitions number more than twenty, among them the “Womenís Beijing Sphere and Other Spheres” (1996), “Painting with My Granddaughter” (1995), which was recognized by The New York Times, and “Images of the Dark Goddess,” her one-woman exhibition at Manhattan’s Phoenix Gallery. She also exhibits at Ceres Gallery in New York City.

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