What is Tibetan Medicine most effective for?
In addition to many common ailments, Tibetan Medicine also offers very effective treatment in controlling and even curing major diseases like asthma, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, sinusitis, eczema, anxiety, general cardio-vascular, liver and kidney related-problems, nervous disorders, gynecological problems, gastro-intestinal disorders, chronic cold and allergic problems, psychosomatic problems, heart-related issues, etc. The medicines also help in controlling primary cancer cases.
Are there any side-effects for Tibetan Medicine?
Tibetan Medicine uses purely natural herbal recipe that goes down to treat the root of the problem. These medicines are very safe as they are prepared without adulteration and known to have no side-effects.Tibetan medicine formula is very balanced. For example, the formula sPos10, is one of the medicines we use to treat arthritis but it also has in its ingredients Saussurealappa which is for the stomach and Adhatodavasica which is to regulate blood pressure.
What about healing?
The natural herbal remedies are available in various forms to suit the disease condition. The understanding and administration of proper diet and lifestyle changes forms a crucial part of the disease management and optimum healing process. Besides, various forms of accessory or complementary therapies are given as part of pain and disease management, relaxation and rejuvenation. Although TMS treats almost all the common and major diseases, it is found particularly effective in treating many chronic diseases like allergic asthma, Rh.arthritis, diabetesmellitus, heart and cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal and colic problems, nervous diseases, various skin diseases, thyroid and psychosomatic problems etc.
It is said that Tibetan Medicine is very effective in cancer treatment.
Cancer is known as Dres in Tibetan Medical System. The name Dres was given following its resemblance to the shape of a fruit: like a coconut or like a solid mass of outgrowth from the internodes of big tree branches. The 63rd chapter “Oral transmission Tantra” of the 4 Great Tantra, the classical Tibetan medical text, explains in some details about this dreadful disease.
In order to restore the balance, to improve the immune mechanism, and for the healing to take place, herbal formulations in the form of pills and decoction should be given orally. Since the nature of tumour is solid hard, hot medicine bath, or an external application should be employed to dissolve the tumour. To flush out the dissolved cancerous cells or tissues from the body channels, vene–cleansing is strongly advised with the help of experienced practitioner. To reduce the pace of infection and inflammation, and to curb the speed of progression of cancerous cells, vene-section is frequently advised with the expert’s help. To slow down or stop the pathways of proliferation or angio-genesis, moxabustion is used.