Rubin Kodheli

Juilliard-trained composer Rubin Kodheli is a celebrated, genre-transcending creative rebel. His compositions teem with contemplative invitation and nuance, providing the opportunity to listen repeatedly, each time ripe with the possibility of hearing something that previously went unnoticed. The inspirational tapestry of his work is intentionally woven from blended threads of rock, jazz and classical influences, a stylistic trademark that has afforded Kodheli a career rich in its diversity of output. From his compositions appearing in feature films such as Precious (2009), to his original symphonic rock compositions, to his collaborations as a performer with genre defining artists — including Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Christian McBride. As of recently Rubin has been working on a new project in a Trio configuration with Trevor Dunn and Brian Chase. The recordings of the group will be released soon.