Join us for three Friday evening sessions exploring the current research as well as some time-tested contemplative methods regarding the practical power of optimal breathing. Each session includes a survey of concepts, 20 minutes of practice, and time for questions, answers, and discussions.

Session One | December 2: Breathing Basics * Physiologic principles of posture and alignment for easeful breathing * Social, emotional and health advantages of resilient Vagal Tone: What it is and how to cultivate it through breath technique * The skill of ‘down regulation’: breathing to shift from sympathetic ‘fight or flight’ to parasympathetic rest, digest and healing mode *Survey and practice of a selection of approaches to breathing technique proposed by contemporary experts in the field.

Session Two | December 9: Breathing and the Mindful Revolution * Observing the vast scope of breath – centered teachings at the core of global contemplative traditions. * Commentaries, instructions and observations on breath consciousness from master teachers * Practicing what the Buddha taught about breath awareness. * Pranayama: tools of mind training for entering the deep relaxation of non-dual consciousness.

Session Three | December 15: Tantric Breathing Practices * Basics of Tantra: extracting ecstasy from the ordinary * Breath, Vibration and Mantra: breath as a vector of ultra positive inner- messaging. * Exploring radically simple breath pathways to bliss from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra and the Kularnava Tantra.